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While delivering more milk per KG of feed, feeding TMR maintains the natural wholesomeness of milk.

Introduction to DAIRY GOLD

TMR Concentrate

A total mixed ration (TMR) is 100% Natural and composed of forages, Commodities by products (such as whole cottonseed), grains, protein supplement(s), minerals, and vitamins that have been mixed together to make a balanced ration in which the weight of each ingredient is known.

  • All Natural Plant Roughages and Grains Used.
  • Increase milk production
  • Decrease feed costs
  • Deliver consistent ration to cow every day.

Pure wholesome delicious milk. And more of it. Total Mixed Ration feed is excellent feed for lactating and dry cows that increases milk-production efficiency by economically delivering more milk per Kilogram of feed.

This mixture is then offered to cows as their sole source of feed. By blending together all the forages, grains, commodities, and protein and mineral-vitamin supplements, cows are less able to selectively consume individual ingredients. Ideally, each bite of feed a cow consumes will contain the same proportion of forages and concentrates.

  • A very good protein and energy source for dairy rations. TMR is high in protein (12-17% on a DM basis) and Higher in Energy compared to Corn.
  • Improve cow health
  • Improve Fertility

Benefits of DAIRY GOLD

TMR Concentrate

Synchronization of Carbohydrate and Protein Availability in the Rumen Rather than having protein fed at one hour, energy fed an hour later, and hay crop silage fed two hours after that, with a TMR, protein, energy, and fiber are supplied to the rumen microbes at the same time. The rumen microbes reproduce very rapidly and require nutrients in a specific ratio throughout the day. Microbial growth and microbial protein synthesis can increase by feeding a TMR rather than feeding ingredients individually because of a more uniform supply of nutrients.

Cows Can't Pick and Choose What They Eat You can hide less palatable feed ingredients which are healthy for the cow within a TMR. You don’t have some cows that eat mostly hay and others eating mostly grain.

Less Acid Build-Up in the Rumen Acidosis is caused by the accumulation of acid and the reduction in pH of the rumen contents. Grain generates large amounts of acid and fiber is needed to stimulate saliva production. Saliva buffers the rumen. It reduces rumen acidity (increases rumen pH). With a TMR, grain is consumed in many small meals throughout the day rather than in 2-4 larger meals as is the case with component feeding. Fiber is also consumed in many smaller meals. TMR’s help to increase the average rumen pH throughout the day, especially minimizing dramatic variation in rumen pH during the day.

Advantages of DAIRY GOLD

Protein Meal

  • Supplies higher proportion of amino acids per unit of protein meal. Higher amino acid availability leads to improvement in daily milk production. Amino acids also help improving milk fat percent.
  • More energy per Kilogram than in corn
  • An economical addition to dairy diets. Higher percentage of Total Digestive Nutrients (Above 90%) compared to Oil Cakes and Soya Bean.
  • A very good protein and energy source for dairy rations. Protein Meals are high in protein (42-52% on a DM basis).
  • A good source of ruminally undegradable (bypass) protein improving SNF of milk. Higher net availability of metabolisable protein in small intestine.
  • Production by dairy cows fed Protein Meal as the protein supplement is higher than when fed soybean meal


Oral Calcium
Nutritional Value per 100 ml
Calcium 3500 mg
Phosphorous 1750 mg
Vit D3 16000 IU
Vit B 12 200 mcg
Shatavari 2000 mg
Jeevanti 2000 mg
Selenium 1 mg.
Carbohydrates 40000 mg
Energy 110 calories


Mineral Mix
Each Kg Contains
VIT.A 10,00,000 I.U
VIT.D3 4,00,000 I.U
VIT. E 250 I.U
CALCIUM 300 gm
IRON 6 gm
COBALT 250 mg
ZINC 9.6 gm
IODINE 300 mg


Each Kg Contains
Made from 100% natural vegetable oil, rich in energy.