About Us.

Our interest in Dairy farming led us to start our dairy in 2008.

Little did we know about the many challenges in Dairying even though we did visit many dairies and underwent training. The common problems we faced with feeding Traditional Feeds to our Cows were Fertility issues, Mastitis, Poor Body Condition, Negative Energy and Milk Yield.

Profitable dairy production relies on healthy Cows that convert feed efficiently into milk while maintaining good fertility. Body condition scoring, which makes an assessment of subcutaneous fat, can be used to reflect energy balance within the cow. It is essential to regularly score the body condition of dairy herds to ensure optimum health for fertility, calving and milk production, and to facilitate changes in management where necessary.

Traditional Feeds like Oil Cakes , Soya bean, Wheat do not make economic sense for commercial Dairying. They prove to be more expensive for production of Milk and do not address all the nutrient requirements of the Milking Cow thus resulting in Poor Body Condition, Milk Yield and other problems.

Keeping the above points in Mind We started developing a Feed based on formulation being used in Successful Dairies in Western Countries and Israel. We enlisted help of Dairy owners and Feed Managers from Israel and Germany to arrive at a Concentrate feed which was well balanced and address the common problems faced by Dairy Owners.

The result of the Research culminated into formulating 100% All Natural Concentrate Feeds, TMR Concentrate and Protein Meal. Containing 100% all Natural Ingredients and Roughages the formulated feeds are well balanced for Energy, Proteins, Fat and Minerals required for High yielding Dairy Cows.

After realizing the Success we had in our Dairy because of the formulated feeds other interested Dairy Farm owners approached us with their requests for using our feed. Currently we are Supplying our feed almost All over India from small farmers to big dairies. We have also increased

our capacity to Procure Raw Materials and Manufacture the Feed to address the Growing Demand for our All Natural Cattle Feed. We Grow almost all the raw materials required to prepare the feed. For Raw Materials we are unable to grow because of Weather Limitations and Soil we procure it from contract Farmers all over India. To reduce costs and centralize the Manufacturing we have the Feed Plant setup in Andhra Pradesh.

We ended up forming Agro Feed Solutions to address all the needs of a Dairy Farmer in a very Cost Effective Manner.

Today we are one stop Solution for 100% All Natural Concentrate Feed, Liquid Calcium, Mineral Mix, 100% Vegetable base By-Pass Fat, Milking Machine and Cow Mats. We make available the above products to Interested Dairy farmers at reasonable cost and we also use the same in our Dairies of about 100 Cows.